Be an Accountant
Would you like that to have a career that gives you endless challenges, variety and attractive prospects? Then be an
It is recognized that an accountant’s role has changed over the years, and that the body of accounting knowledge is now much more integrated with other disciplines such as information technology, finance, management and law. 
The work of an accountant is now more focused on adding value to the organisation through roles such as in-house financial adviser, independent strategic consultant and provider of information assurance and much more, while the traditional functions have become less prominent. Such changes have been driven by the rapid growth in information technology and increasing accountability expected by users of financial reports in all industries all over the world such as Banking, Financing, Government, Practice Firms, Retail and, Services. You will have many career opportunities in the field of accounting for years to come since there is, almost always, a shortage of accountants.
You will have many career opportunities in the field of accounting for years to come since there is, a shortage of accountants.
Your choice of work areas
Be it any industry the choice of area of work is really yours! You can choose from the following;
Assurance & Auditing - Auditors are independent. They ensure that the financial reports prepared present a true and fair view of the organisation so that they can be relied upon to assess a organisation’s performance and to make sound decisions. 
Taxation – Accountants work to ensure that individuals and businesses pay the correct amount of taxes to contribute to the financing of government.

Accounting – Accountants communicate information to assist individuals and organisations in planning, decision making and control of operations
Information Systems – Accountants help to design and use information systems. Ensuring that the right information is
directed to the appropriate person at the right time to ensure that the correct decisions can be made for the sound running of an organisation.
Financial Management – The Financial Manager manages the organisation’s funding requirements. Thus determining how best to raise funding to acquire the resources that the organisation needs, ensuring that customers pay in good time, and that the organisation itself pays its bills too.
Businesses Advisory – Very few people who own their own business have resources to carry out the specialist management functions by themselves. Almost all successful small businesses hire accountants to compile their accounts, tax returns, business plans and to render advice on other financial matters.
Consulting – Accountants are uniquely placed to identify the appropriate information needed to evaluate projects. Accountants can evaluate the viability of a proposed project, and how it should be organised so as to maximise returns. In addition, many organisations and businesses employ the services of accountants to advise them on how best to organise, or restructure their operations.
Who is a Chartered Accountant
Modern day Chartered Accountants (CA) are business leaders with broad financial, commercial and managerial skills – persons whose experience is central to the success of a business. 
To practise professionally as an Accountant or to use the title “Chartered Accountant” in Fiji, a person must be a registered full member of the Fiji Institute of Accountants and be properly qualified, both academically and in terms of practical experience. Ask yourself – How many advertisements have you seen which says “Must be a CA and member of FIA”

Pathways to becoming an Accountant
Academic Education Opportunities
The University of the South Pacific, The University of Fiji and the Fiji National University (previously FIT) offer academic Diploma and Bachelors Degree courses in the field of accounting which form the foundation for pathways to becoming an accountant. 
When you enroll at university, ensure that you are well advised by your academic advisors on the courses required to complete the Diploma or Degree in Accounting as well as those that are necessary prerequisites for membership of the Fiji Institute of Accountants after you graduate.
Membership of FIA
You can enroll as a Student member with the Institute when you begin any of the diploma courses referred to in this section or when you begin a degree course in Accounting at the USP, the University of Fiji or the Fiji National University. 
Once you have successfully completed either the USP Diploma in Accounting, or the UoF Advanced Diploma in Accounting, or the TAFE Advanced Diploma in Accounting, or have obtained a Bachelor degree and completed units equivalent to those covered in the diploma courses, you can apply to be registered as an Affiliate Accountant.
Pathways to becoming an Accountant
If you complete the Bachelor of Commerce degree course at the USP, UOF or FNU and have passed the minimum prescribed academic units, you can apply to be registered as a Provisional Member.
The prescribed units are on the FIA website (www.fia.org.fj). Note that the FIA regularly undertakes exercises to accredit university degree courses to ensure they meet the academic quality requirements of the FIA membership. Enquire from your academic advisors at the time of enrolment on whether the courses offered by your choice of university are accredited by the FIA.
To be admitted as a full Chartered Accountant member of the Institute an applicant would need to have completed further post graduate academic courses to those prescribed for Provisional Members and completed post degree practical experience. Full details are available on the FIA website.
People with overseas academic qualifications gained at technical colleges or universities need to have such qualifications assessed by authorities at the University of the South Pacific as the Fiji Institute of Accountants does not directly recognise any such academic qualifications.
Membership Journey
- Student Member
- Affiliate Accountant
- Provisional Member
- Chartered Accountant
Recognised overseas Accounting bodies
Entry as a member of FIA is available at any of the above phases of the membership journey, provided the requirements to enter as a member in the respective category are met.
The Fiji Institute of Accountant currently recognises a number of overseas accounting bodies for the purposes of granting reciprocal membership, at equivalent level, to persons who are registered current members of those bodies. These organisations are;
The Certified Practising Accountants of Australia                                The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants                     The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland
The Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand                  The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland
The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales             The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka