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The Fiji Institute of Accountants Act was first introduced as an Act in 1971, as Act No: 43 of 1971, and was brought into force on 11th February 1972. Since its introduction, it has been amended twice: once in 1982 by Act No 9 of 1982 and once in 1997 by Act No 12 of 1997. 
This is an Act of Parliament and, despite the fact that the Fiji Institute of Accountants is largely a self-regulating body, it does not have the authority or the power to change provisions of the Act. It can make recommendations, but that is the limit of its powers.

The purposes of the Institute are set out in section 6 of the Act, as follows:

(a)    to promote and safeguard the rights and interests of its members in all matters affecting the profession of accounting, to uphold and enforce among its members a high standard of efficiency and professional conduct in the interest of such profession and the public generally, and to give concentrated expression to their opinions upon all questions and matters affecting the business of the profession; 

(b)   to register accountants and to regulate the practice of the profession of accountancy in Fiji; 

(c)  to exercise control over the training, education and examination by the Institute or any other body of persons, of persons desiring to acquire a basic training in general accounting knowledge and of persons practicing or intending to practice the profession of accountancy in Fiji or elsewhere; 

(d)   to determine the qualifications of persons for admission to membership of the institute and for registration under this Act. 

(e)    To grant or issue diplomas or certificates to members of the Institute 

(f)     To promote, in any manner which the Institute thinks fit, the interests of the profession of accountancy in Fiji; 

(g)    To grant prizes and scholarships, to hold exhibitions and to establish and subsidise lectureships in universities and other educational institutions in subjects of study relating to accountancy or the duties of an accountant; 

(h)    To afford pecuniary and other assistance to members of the Institute who are in need to any such assistance, and to the wives and children and other dependents of members and to widows and children and other dependents of deceased members.

Please click on the link https://www.laws.gov.fj/Acts/DisplayAct/780# to view the FIA Act.