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Its Establishment, Structure and Financing

The FIA was established in 1972 in accordance with the FIA Act 1971. The Institute was founded with 123 members of whom 71 were Chartered Accountants with other professional accountancy bodies, and 52 were licensed accountants. The first Provisional Member was admitted in November 1974 and the first Affiliate Accountant in February 1983.

A nine-member Council governs the Institute. The Institute President and Vice President head the Council. Council members are elected by the members at the Institute’s Annual General Meeting, in accordance with the procedures prescribed in the FIA Act 1971 and FIA Rules. The Council appoints members of the Institute’s various Committees.

The Current membership of the Council is as follows: 

Nitesh Lal, President

Mohit Raj, Vice President

Sikeli Tuinamuana

Sharvek Naidu

Zarin Khan

Ashwin Nand

Pravinesh Singh, Treasurer

Tarlochan Singh

Wiliki Takiveikata

The FIA Council appoints a number of specialized committees:

(1) Membership and Accreditation;

(2) Strategic Plan;

(3) Investigation;

(4) International;

(5) Disciplinary;

(6) Congress;

(7) Branding and Awards;

(8) Professional Development;

(9) Standards;

(10) Act and Rules;

(11) Business and Government;

(12) Communication and Technology;

(13) Peer Review;

(14) Western Division 

(15) Women's Initiative

In contrast to the professional accountancy bodies of many other developing countries – which are financially dependent on training income – FIA derives much of its revenues from admission and membership fees and from the FIA Annual Congress.