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Seminar Presenations

February 19 2019
Presenter 1, Janice Nand, Director, Solved (Fiji) Pte Limited
Understanding Confidentiality and Privacy
Presenter 2, Joanne Stewart, Head of Retail Fiji, & Pacific Oversight, ANZ
Business Etiquette

November 21 & 23 2018
Presenter 1, Mr Nacanieli Rika, Associate Dean, University of the South Pacific
Updates on the Current IASB Projects and the Revised Conceptual Framework

Presenter 2, Mr Mahmood Khan, Consultant & Independent Director
ABC of Family Trusts

September 18 & 21 2018
Presenter 1, Ariff Ali - Governor, Reserve Bank of Fiji
Reserve Bank of Fiji Update

Presenter 2, Fazrul Rahman - Director Revenue Management, Fiji Revenue and Customs Service
Customs Laws and Practice

August 21 2018
Michael Dale - Head of Design & Procurement, Fiji Roads Authority
Fiji's Roading Programme: Improvement, Congestion, Frustration
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July 17 2018
Presenter 1 Nitin Gandhi, Managing Partner for Fiji and the Pacific Islands - PricewaterhouseCoopers Presenter 2 John Fatiaki, President of the Fiji College of General Practioners, Proprietor/Director Epworth Clinic/Epworth Diagnostic Co Limited January 24th, 2017 March 24th, 29th, 2017 October 5 2017 @ RBF Tower 11