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Seminar Presentations

23 October 2020 
Nicholas Fuata, PSCHY Consultant 
Session 1 Managing Stress During COVID-19 
Session 2  Hope in the midst of COVID-19 

02 October 2020
Arieta Koila Costello-Olsson, Independent Consultant, KKASA
Appreciating and Discovering our Responses in Dealing with Corvid 19 Pendemic
Dr Odille Chang, Associate Professor, Head of School of Medical Services, Fiji National University
There's No Health without Mental Health!!

22 October 2019
Razim Buksh, Director, Financial Intelligence Unit, Reserve Bank of Fiji
Anti-Money Laundering in Fiji

04/06 September 2019
Visvanath Das, Chief Executive Officer, Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS)
Budget 2019/2020 Tax & Customs Policies

29 July 2019
Presenter 1
Cowan Pettigrew, CIO, KPMG NZ
RPA - The Future of Finance Automation

Presenter 2
Poasa Werekoro, Acting Chief Manager Financial System Development, Reserve Bank of Fiji
Fiji Personal Properties Securities Act 2017 & Registry

02 July 2019
Presenter 1
Craig Hudson, Xero Managing Director New Zealand and Pacific Islands
Leadership & Innovation

Presenter 2
Peter Vial, Country Head of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
Trust and Ethical Behaviour: doing the right thing

16 April 2019
Ariff Ali, Governor, Reserve Bank of Fiji 

February 19 2019
Presenter 1, Janice Nand, Director, Solved (Fiji) Pte Limited
Understanding Confidentiality and Privacy
Presenter 2, Joanne Stewart, Head of Retail Fiji, & Pacific Oversight, ANZ
Business Etiquette

November 21 & 23 2018
Presenter 1, Mr Nacanieli Rika, Associate Dean, University of the South Pacific
Updates on the Current IASB Projects and the Revised Conceptual Framework

Presenter 2, Mr Mahmood Khan, Consultant & Independent Director
ABC of Family Trusts

September 18 & 21 2018
Presenter 1, Ariff Ali - Governor, Reserve Bank of Fiji
Reserve Bank of Fiji Update

Presenter 2, Fazrul Rahman - Director Revenue Management, Fiji Revenue and Customs Service
Customs Laws and Practice

August 21 2018
Michael Dale - Head of Design & Procurement, Fiji Roads Authority
Fiji's Roading Programme: Improvement, Congestion, Frustration
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July 17 2018
Presenter 1 Nitin Gandhi, Managing Partner for Fiji and the Pacific Islands - PricewaterhouseCoopers Presenter 2 John Fatiaki, President of the Fiji College of General Practioners, Proprietor/Director Epworth Clinic/Epworth Diagnostic Co Limited January 24th, 2017 March 24th, 29th, 2017 October 5 2017 @ RBF Tower 11