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FICA Regulation 2022 & Rules 1998

The First set of Rules was introduced in 1971, as Legal Notice No 136 of 1971 and they have been amended on five occasions in 1976 (LN 226/79), 1982  (LN 78/82) and most recently in 1997 (LN 1/98). 
The Rules, unlike the Act, are made and amended by the Institute (ie. The institute membership) at a General Meeting and they are subject to approval of the Minister – under section 8 (1) of the Act. Moreover, any resolution of the Institute which seeks to amend, revoke or replace any of the Rules of the Institute once in force requires the approval of 75 per cent of the members who are present and voting at a General Meeting. 
The Rules cover many important areas of the Institute’s activity, including 
  • The qualifications required for the admission of members to the Institute
  • The classification of categories of membership
  • The fees to be paid;
  • The voting procedures for meetings of the Council and of General Meetings
  • The election of office bearers; and
  • The procedures of the Investigation and Disciplinary Committees.
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